The Montana Horsemen's Club

Disneyland for Horses and Riders

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Fulfill your dreams of riding in Montana, no matter what they are.

Join us at the Mantle Ranch, home of Montana Horses, and your home away from home for your family and horses.

A private family horseback riding club in Montana.  An Equine Country Club. 

YOUR CLUB, where you can live your dreams of enjoying horses in Montana.

Ride for miles and miles along the Missouri River and in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy a first class cross-discipline and recreational equine complex. Test your horsemanship skills on one of the many courses. Join a riding adventure. Create your own. Then, relax and kick back at the Longhorn Social Club, in front of the fire or overlooking the fishing lake with your friends and family, reflecting and plotting your next episode.

"If anyone asks, I'll be at my Club."






Grand Opening.

Join the celebration and ribbon cutting at your Montana Horsemen's Club..

Fox Hunt at the Mantle Ranch

Join us this weekend and every Sunday.  All welcome.